Fundamental Research

The German Historical Institute Warsaw engages in innovative, fundamental research of Polish history – in all its chronological depth and thematic breadth – within the framework of its relationship to the rest of Europe. In terms of concrete practice, this research takes the form of specific research projects. The work at the institute is currently organized into five fields of research:

  • Regionality and Region Formation
  • Religion, Politics and Economy in Pre-Modern Poland
  • Imperial Reconfigurations. The Dynamics of Statehood and Society throughout the “long 19th Century”
  • Violence and Foreign Dominion in the ‘Age of Extremes‘
  • Functionality of History in Late Modernity

The individual projects being pursued by our academic staff as well as (when possible) those of current scholarship holders, interns and visiting scholars are integrated into these research fields. These five areas provide a common thematic framework which promotes productive research on key issues that also have international resonance. Additionally, this is where the specific resources and locational advantages of the institute come into effect.

Workshop: Holocaust Mass Graves
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