How can virtues open new perspectives? Alexej Lochmatow about virtues (2/3)

In our Youtube series, we present our new book series: Poland: Transnational Historie(s).

The first book is "Public Knowledge in Cold War Poland: Scholarly Battles and the Clash of Virtues, 1945-1956" by Alexej Lochmatow. It explores the public debates among scholars that took place in Early Cold War Poland. The book is a study on the history of public knowledge and scholarship under Soviet domination. Using the concept of “virtues” as the analytic framework, the author invites us to take a fresh and more nuanced look at the process of Sovietisation in Central and Eastern Europe.

Eröffnung der Fotoausstellung „Bericht aus der belagerten Stadt Tschernihiw“ in Schwerin
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