The violent interruption of Prof. Jan Grabowski’s academic lecture, planned to be delivered on May 30th in the building of the German Historical Institute in Warsaw, is received by us with embarrassment and repugnance. The brutal intervention into the sphere of academic communication does not leave any space for excusing this excess. We deplore that the speaker and the audience gathered in the room hoping to hear the lecture were confronted with such an unprecedented act of violence instead. We express our hope that this incident will remain an isolated act and will be condemned by everyone participating in public debates.

Prof. Miloš Řezník, director of the German Historical Institute in Warsaw

Prof. Łukasz Niesiołowski–Spanò, Dean of the Faculty of History, University of Warsaw

Warsaw, 2nd of June 2023

Workshop „Infrastructures of Memory. Actants of Globalisation and their Impact on German and Polish Memory Culture”
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