Das Deutsche Historische Institut

The Institute

The Warsaw-based German Historical Institute, founded in 1993, is an independent research institution. Since 2002, it has been a part of the Max Weber Foundation – International Humanities. Its mission is to investigate the history of Poland within a European and international context throughout different historical epochs. In addition, the institute promotes a dialogue among historians on a national and international level. In particular, it aims to impart information about German historical research and presents its findings in Poland, while providing the same service with respect to Polish historical research in Germany. The institute is also committed to supporting the next generation of scholars in the field of historical research on Poland and East-Central Europe.

Since 2017, the GHI owns a branch office in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius, which promotes research on the history of Lithuania in the Central and Eastern European context and on Lithuania‘s historical ties with Germany, Poland and other countries in the region. A second branch office, which supports scientific research on Czech, German and Polish history in the European context, was opened in Prague in spring 2018, in close cooperation with a branch of the Collegium Carolinum Munich at the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.

Momentarily, the institute has a total staff of 32, of whom 17 are academics, with 13 having PhDs and four having the additional quali cation of habilitation. There are regular offers for research opportunities to visiting scholars, scholarship holders and interns. The director of the institute is Prof. Dr. Miloš Řezník, deputy director is Prof. Dr. Ruth Leiserowitz. An academic advisory board assists the institute on all academic matters.

The German Historical Institute Warsaw engages in innovative, fundamental research of Polish history – in all its chronological depth and thematic breadth – within the framework of its relationship to the rest of Europe. In terms of concrete practice, this research takes the form of specific research projects.

Das Deutsche Historische Institut Warschau ist eines von sechs Deutschen Historischen Instituten im Ausland. Gemeinsam mit seinen Schwesterinstituten ist es Teil der Max Weber Stiftung, über die es aus Mitteln des Bundesministeriums für Bildung und Forschung finanziell getragen wird.

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