Workshop: „The Circle of Life” – Birth, Dying, and the Liminality of Life since the Nineteenth Century


czw. 01.09.2022 | 16:30 -
pią. 02.09.2022 | 15:00
dr Michael Zok

During the workshop we will analyse and investigate concepts of liminality and dealing with rites of passages in a historical perspective, with a particular focus on social changes in modern industrialised societies.

Thus we are interested, among others, in the following questions:

  • how do modern, especially pluralist, societies deal with the above mentioned liminal stages at the beginning and end of human life;
  • which factors and processes have influence on changes in understanding and interpreting these stages;
  • how do modern societies and their diverse subgroups react to social change, shifts in values, and scientific innovation with regard to the liminal stages of conception, birth(-giving), and dying;
  • which notions, ideas, and (legal) traditions influence the legislative regulation of these stages?

The workshop will be held at the German Historical Institute in Warsaw on 1 and 2 September 2022 and is organised by Michael Zok ( and Florian Greiner (

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