Konferencja w Villa Vigoni: Zones of Fracture in Modern Europe: Baltic Countries - Balkans - Northern Italy


śro. 10.09.2003 | 20:00 -
nie. 14.09.2003 | 10:00



Zones of Fracture in Modern Europe

Baltic Countries - Balkans - Northern Italy

10th - 14th September 2003

Villa Vigoni

Loveno di Menaggio


NB. All presentations will be 20 minutes, the introductions by the chairs 10 minutes, followed by 15 minutes discussion plus a discussion at the end of each session

WEDNESDAY 10.09.2003


20.00 Dinner

THURSDAY 11.09.2003
9.00 Introduction

Robert Frost, London

Geographic-historical Classification  

David Parrott, Oxford

Almut Bues, Warszawa    "The last region and province of Christendom" or the location of the Baltic countries

Maria Pia Pedani, Venezia    Beyond the frontier: the Ottoman border in the Adriatic context

Rossitsa Gradeva, Sofia    The Ottoman Balkans - a zone of fracture or a zone of contact: some notes for discussion

13.00 Lunch

15.30 Political Patterns

George Lukowski, Birmingham

Marite Jakovleva, Riga
Duchy of Courland: efforts to survive during the reign of Kettlers

Tobias Mörschel, Bonn
Between Habsburg, France and Italy: politics and diplomacy of the duchy of Savoy in late sixteenth and early seventeenth century

Nenad Moacanin, Zagreb
Croatia and Bosnia: an "eternel" movement from integration to dissolution and back again

20.00 Dinner

FRIDAY 12.09.2003

9.30 Social Patterns  

Hamish Scott, St Andrews

Gunner Lind, Kobenhavn
Reversing top and bottom: cultural hierarchies and political loyalties among Danish and German elements in the Danish composite state, 1461-1864

Egidio Ivetić, Padova
Tra Italia e Balcani: l’Adriatico orientale

Dariusz Kołodziejczyk, Warszawa
"Turkish yoke" revisited: the Ottoman Empire in the eyes of its non-Muslim subjects

13.00 Lunch

15.30 Economical Patterns

Maurice Aymard, Paris

Jurate Kiaupiene, Vilnius
Baltic sea world in the early modern time: specific features of the economical development

Luca Mocarelli, Milano
L’economia di una regione di confine: l’area lombarda in età moderna

Bogdan Murgescu, Bucuresti
Early modern economies of South East Europe between Istanbul and the West

20.00 Dinner

SATURDAY 13.09.2003

9.00 Cultural/Confessional Patterns

Istvan G. Toth, Budapest

Jürgen Beyer, Tartu
Implementing Lutheran cultural patterns in rural Livonia, Estonia and Courland, c. 1630-1710  

Cecilia Nubola, Trento
Frontiere ecclesiastiche e frontiere religiose: gli stati dell’Italia settentrionale

Maria Craciun, Cluj-Napoca
Religious co-habitation in 16th century Moldavia


Wolfgang Reinhard, Freiburg/Firenze

13.00 Lunch

14.00 Excursion

20.00 Dinner

SUNDAY 14.09.2003

8.30 Breakfast


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