Memory Studies Association Annual Conference “Convergences”


pon. 05.07.2021 | 10:00 -
pią. 09.07.2021 | 18:00
dr Zofia Wóycicka
dr hab. Magdalena Saryusz-Wolska

The leading theme of the Memory Studies Association Fifth Annual Conference is “Convergences”, and we would like to invite you to join us in discussions around the interplay of mnemonic layers. While the event offers the opportunity to debate all aspects of memory studies, the East-Central European environment of the conference gives us a unique perspective into a region filled with overlapping memories. How do the local practices, traditions, and studies compare to the global ones? And taking the question further: how does the intertwining of human and non-human, digital and analog affect our memories?

Despite the online form of the conference we aim at creating a safe space for fruitful academic exchange, networking, and learning. The conference’s hosting city is Warsaw, and the event is co-organized by the European Network Remembrance and Solidarity, the German Historical Institute Warsaw, and the University of Warsaw.

Join more than a thousand passionate scholars and practitioners on July 5! Registration for non-presenting participants is now open!

Marek Cichocki (Natolin European Centre, Warszawa)
Ewa Domańska (Adam Mickiewicz Universität Poznan, Stanford University)
Olivette Otele (University of Bristol)
Emilie Pine (University College Dublin)
Michael Rothberg (University of California Los Angeles)

Universität Warschau
European Network Remembrance and Solidarity
NIH w Warszawie

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Uniwersytet Warszawski & online

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