The Birth of the Clinic: Hospitals and the Institutionalisation of Health Care in Central and Eastern Europe, 1784–1914


czw. 22.06.2023 | 10:00 -
sob. 24.06.2023 | 18:00
dr Zdeněk Nebřenský

Hospitals and the Institutionalization of Health Care in Central and Eastern Europe

in the long 19th Century


German Historical Institute Warsaw – Branch Office Prague

Institute of Czech History, Faculty of Arts and Philosophy, Charles University in Prague

Prague, 22 – 24 June 2023



Thursday, 22 June


13:00 Welcome & Introduction by the Organizers



13:3015:00 Enlightenment Health Care Policies I


Ivana Horbec (Zagreb)

Hospitals in the Croatian Lands under the Habsburg Rule in the late 18th Century


Aistis Žalnora (Vilnius)

The Professional Perception of the Early Hospital and Medicine in Vilnius


Martynas Jakulis (Vilnius)

The Foundation of the General Hospital in Vilnius at the End of 18th Century


Coffee Break


15:1516:15: Enlightenment Health Care Policies II


Ingrid Kušniráková (Bratislava)


The First Hungarian Hospitals: Founders, Financing and Patients, 17501850

Ludwig Pelzl (Florence)

Harbingers of Change or Traditional Take-Over

Crisis and Reform of Institutional Eldercare in Enlightenment Germany


Coffee Break


16:3017:30 Maternity and Child Care


Marina Hilber (Innsbruck)

The Czernowitz Maternity Hospital and Its Midwifery School. Obstetric Care in Bukowina Between Social and Educational Aspirations, 18101918


Svitlana Luparenko (Kharkov)

Health Care Activities at Children’s Summer Colonies in Ukraine at the End of the 19th Century





Friday, 23 June


9:1510:15 Hospital Agency


Vladan Hanulík (Pardubice)

Strategies and Tactics of Patients in the 19th Century´s Spa Environment


Luminița Dumănescu, Nicoleta Hegedűs (Cluj-Napoca)

Patients, Diseases, and Hospitalization in Transylvania in the 19th Century. Case Study: The Patient Discharge Register of the "Carolina" Hospital in Cluj, 18761877



Coffee Break


10:3012:00 Institutional Care of the Soul I


Janka Kovács (Budapest)

The Birth of an Asylum: Discourses and Conflicts in Psychiatric Institutionalization in Hungary in the 1850s and 1860s


Babeta Jurámiková (Prague)

Jakub Fischer and the Psychiatric Department of the Regional Hospital in Bratislava, From His Papers


Ruslan Mitrofanov (Munich)

Isolation in the Name of Humane Concerns: The Establishment of the Kazan Regional Hospital and the Problem of the Modernization of Russian Psychiatric Services in the Mid-19th and Early 20th Centuries


Lunch Break



14:0015:00: Institutional Care of the Soul II


Daniela Tinková (Prague)

A “Model Madhouse” for Central Europe? The Birth of a “Psychiatric Proto-Clinic” in Prague, 17901850


Eva Hajdinová (Prague)

The Prague Convent-Hospitals of the Brothers Hospitallers of Saint John of God and the Sisters of Saint Elizabeth and Their Care for the Body and Soul in the First Half of the 19th Century


Coffee Break


15:1516:15 Institutional Care of the Soul III


Pavlína Pončíková (Brno)

The Provincial Institute for the Mentally Ill in Černovice Near Brno


Helena Chalupová (Prague)

Subsidiaries of the Prague Institute for the Insane in the Bohemian Countryside until 1914



Saturday, 24 June


9:1510:15Agents of Hospitals I


Piotr Franaszek (Cracow)

Galician Hospitals at the Turn of the 19th and 20th Centuries

Paweł Fiktus (Wrocław)

The Organization of War Hospitals: De lege ferenda Recommendations in the Polish Legal Considerations


Coffee Break


10:3011:30: Agents of Hospitals II

Andreas Jüttemann (Dresden)

The First Mountain Sanatorium For Tuberculosis Patients in Krkonoše, 1854–1914


Alexander Obermüller (Erfurt)

Vienna’s Early Frist Responders: Health Care Providers Before and Beyond the Clinic, 1882–1914


Coffee Break


11:4512:45: Healthcare Infrastructures


Barbora Rambousková (Pardubice)

Life in Czech Clinics at the Turn of the 19th and 20th Centuries from the Memories of Doctors


Darina Martykánová (Barcelona), Víctor Núñez-García (Sevilla)

The Rise of the Modern Hospital: The Interaction Between Healthcare Infrastructures and Political Decision-Making in a Comparative and Trans-Imperial Perspective



13:00 Conclusions



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Concept and Organization

Daniela Tinková

Zdeněk Nebřenský


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The conference aims to deal with the history of hospitals and health care institutions in a broader territorial and time scope. Did geography play a role in any differences that appear? The conference asks: How were hospitals structured? How did the layout of hospitals, places,
and spaces of health care look? Did they separate and segregate patients by illness, class, status, ethnicity, gender, age?

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