Konferenz: Making Justice Visible: The Mediatization of the World War II War Crimes Trials


Mi. 25.09.2019 | 10:00 -
Do. 26.09.2019 | 18:00 Uhr
Dr. Gintarė Malinauskaitė

The aim of this conference is, through a comparative perspective, to investigate widely publicized war crimes trials held in the West and in the Eastern Bloc after the end of the Second World War. These trials took place not only in actual court buildings but also in the press, radio, literature, film, and television. In this conference, we will discuss how these show trials were presented and staged in their individual courtrooms, and then channeled through the media for publicity. What narratives were created about these trial proceedings by different types of media (press, radio, films, theatre etc.)? What was the goal of such mediatization? Judgement in these trials was not only the application of legal rules but it also reflected the interaction of many different actors. Therefore, we seek to illuminate who were the main actors who staged these public criminal proceedings. We also want to discuss how these public acts of postwar justice were perceived by those living at the time and what is their reception today.

Deadline for submission of proposals: 15 March 2019
Notification due: 15 April 2019
Location and date: Vilnius, 25-26 September 2019



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