Keynote: Minorities, Migration and Memory


Di. 24.09.2019 | 18:00 Uhr
Prof. Dr. Ruth Leiserowitz

Dialogue keynote at the conference Minorities, Migration and Memory in East European Borderlands (1945-present)

Prof. Dr. Cathrine Gouseff / Prof. Dr. Ruth Leiserowitz

In the aftermath of World War II, some regions in Central and Eastern Europe were politically reallocated. These changes were often accompanied by very different migration processes. But
as a result these border areas remained what they were before the war: places of cultural, political and social entanglement.

What common features and what distinguishing trends appeared during the process of making these regions part of the new owner? What tendencies of national colonization occurred in the border regions? To what extend can we compare the policies of the different states even if they were members of the same political bloc? Catherine Gousseff talks about her research on Silesia with Wroclaw at the center and the L’viv region, Ruth Leiserowitz about the areas of Klaipėda and Kaliningrad.


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