Spaces of Power in the Holy Roman Empire in Medieval and Early Modern Times


Do. 07.10.2021 | 17:00 Uhr

Wir laden herzlich zum englischsprachigen Vortrag unserer Außenstelle in Vilnius ein. Prof. Dr. Andreas Rutz referiert zu Machträumen im Heiligen Römischen Reich im Mittelalter und der Frühen Neuzeit.

Space‘ has gained a new importance for cultural studies in recent years. Historical research has also benefited from this ‚spatial turn‘ and is intensively concerned with the construction of spaces by contemporary stakeholders. In my recent mongraph published with Böhlau-Verlag, „The Description of Space. Territorial Boundary Drawings in the Holy Roman Empire“ („Die Beschreibung des Raums. Territoriale Grenzziehungen im Heiligen Römischen Reich“), I remeasured the relationship between space and power against the background of this current methodological discussion: Clearly defined borders belong to the genuine components of a state. From the Middle Ages until the end of the 18th century, they were verbally described, materially and symbolically marked, and finally also cartographically depicted in order to represent a dominion in its spatial dimensions. In this lecture, I will present and analyze in more detail these procedures of territorial demarcation and their significance for the emergence of political spaces in the Holy Roman Empire. Of particular importance is the use of (boundary) maps by the rulers. These cartographic sources are extremely rich and make the topic particularly vivid.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Rutz has held the Chair of Saxon Regional History at the Technical University of Dresden since September 2019, in spring 2020 he was appointed as Director of the Institute of Saxon History and Cultural Anthropology. Studies in Bonn, Paris and New York, doctorate in 2005 and habilitation in 2014 in Bonn, then substitute-professorships in Münster, Bonn and Düsseldorf as well as a short-term lectureship in Tokyo/Japan. Research interests are comparative regional and urban history as well as the history of the early modern period; current DFG project: „Female Participation in Power in Early Modern Times. Regencies in the Holy Roman Empire in Western European Perspective“.

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Andreas Rutz
Moderator: Prof. Dr. Ruth Leiserowitz
Language: English

Lithuanian Institute of History
Tilto g. 17, Vilnius
Auditorium 320 (3rd floor)

All those attending the lecture will be asked to present a valid National Certificate (Galimybių pasas)


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