Odwołane: Prof. Dr hab. Susannah Eckersley (Newcastle): Museums as democratic public space? Memory, Migration and Belonging in Germany


wto. 23.04.2024 | 18:00

Z przykrością informujemy, że wykład pani prof. Susannah Eckersley (Newcastle) pt.: „Museums as democratic public space? Memory, Migration and Belonging in Germany“ z dnia 23.04.2024 zostaje odwołany z powodu choroby. Postaramy się, aby wykład został wygłoszony w innym terminie.  

What is a museum for? What is its role in society today? How do museums respond to or reflect social change? Museums internationally are undergoing a process of renegotiation and repositioning - many now position themselves as socially important actors addressing contemporary political topics, relating to inclusion and exclusion, representation, recognition and belonging. In Germany the continuing presence and shadow of the past has been at once both a productive and restrictive influence on the development of German identities in a world shaped by migration and diversity. Multiple perceived contemporary ‘crises’ - of memory, migration, and belonging – combined with changing professional attitudes and practices in the museum world mean that museums in Germany are in a moment of change. The idea of what a museum is, who it is for and why it does what it does, is being considered more carefully, as the institution of the museum repositions itself within contemporary social and cultural dynamics of democracy.

Susannah Eckersley is Professor of Critical Heritage and Memory Cultures at the department of Media, Culture, Heritage at Newcastle University, UK. Her research focus is interdisciplinary, with specialist expertise in: identities, contested belonging and populism; memory and difficult histories; migration, diversity and representation. Susannah Eckersley addresses the ways these issues are represented, reflected or neglected in the work of museums and heritage, in commemorations and protests, and in the politics of heritage and memory.

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